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3 Tips To Restore Vintage Furniture

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Vintage furniture can be a delightful addition to your home. Older furniture was often built to last, with fine craftsmanship that's hard to find in modern pieces. Whether you found your furniture antiquing, inherited it from a relative, or just want to breathe new life into your own old furniture, here are three tips to help you.

1. Refurbish sofas and chairs.

A vintage sofa can be a great conversation piece for your living room. However, fabric often doesn't stand the test of time. Instead of getting rid of your old sofa or couch, you can have it reupholstered. Take your furniture to an upholstery service like Bob Arkus Custom Upholstery Inc where a trained professional can refurbish it for you. If you like the pattern and color of your furniture, your upholsterer can try to match it; while it's likely that many vintage fabrics have been discontinued, your upholsterer can probably find a very close match.

2. Refinish tables and cabinets.

Vintage tables and cabinets are often excellent examples of fine carpentry. Unfortunately, over time wooden furniture can get dull with dust. It may even show signs of damage from rough handling, such as scratches or gouges. To refinish a table or cabinet, first fill any gouges with a mixture of wood glue and sawdust. You can get sawdust for free from any local lumberyard, and you'll only need a small amount. Next, sand and buff the piece to get rid of any surface scratches. Finally, finish your restoration project with a coat of varnish for long-lasting protection.

3. Restore antique mirrors.

An antique mirror is beautiful and ornate: the perfect piece to hang over your vanity. Like other types of furniture, though, mirrors can show signs of aging. Over time, mirrors can become cloudy or dull, or they can begin to flake and chip. According to Mirror Lot, you can use shaving cream to get rid of cloudy buildup on mirrors. Just spray a little onto a rag and carefully rub it into the mirror's surface. If there are many black spots on your mirror from chipping, you may have to get it professionally re-silvered.

New things aren't always better. Antique furniture can have character, charm, and beauty that's simply unmatched by modern pieces. Sometimes all your furniture needs is some upkeep to make it look as good as new. These are just a few steps you can take to restore your vintage furniture.