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Tips for Recovering Safely after a Major Storm

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If your home was recently hit by a tornado, a hurricane, or another major weather event, you are certainly going to have some storm damage to deal with. But while you are likely interested in getting things back to normal as soon as possible, it's important that you don't rush and do anything foolish that could lead to injury during the early stages of recovery. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while attempting to assess damage after a storm.

Beware of Power and Gas Lines

If severe damage hit your entire area and not just your house, there's a good chance you might have a downed power line or a ruptured gas line to deal with. Never, ever attempt to move a downed power line, even if it doesn't look like there is currently power going to it. Contact your local government and let them know so it can be removed from the property safely.

If you need to inspect a darkened area like the inside of your home or basement at night after a storm, stick to a flashlight if you need to create a light source. Lighting a candle or any other kind of open flame could lead to disaster if there is a ruptured gas line in the vicinity. If you smell gas at all, get out of the house to safety until a professional can take care of it.

Tread Carefully

While you might be interested in trying to remove some of your personal valuables before flood water takes over, it's also very important that you watch where you are going while you move through a damaged area. Keep an eye out for shards of glass, nails, and other nasty things that you could accidentally step on or bump into. 

Hire Professional Help

Once the immediate aftermath is over, your best bet is to hire a repair and restoration specialist like those at Arkansas Restoration Services Inc. A professional contractor can assess the storm damage and help create a timeline for when you might be able to move back into your house again. He or she could also help waterproof your basement or other areas of your home to try and protect you from the elements and prevent something like this from happening again.

Always use caution while inspecting your home and the surrounding area after a major weather event. Contact a home restoration specialist today for more information on how you can get your storm damage repaired.