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Why Get An ATM In Your Deli?

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With so many debit and credit card users, you may not yet see a need for an ATM in your small deli. However, these machines can be beneficial for the deli's bottom line. Surcharges will provide a nice bump in income, but why else would you consider an ATM?

Getting More Unexpected Customers

There will be times when people come into the deli just to use the ATM, especially if there's not a similar machine anywhere on the street. That means you'll be attracting lots of people to the deli who will see your offerings and be enticed to make a purchase when they do need deli items. Many people might never have wandered into the deli without the ATM, and they can turn into some of your most loyal customers because they saw your prices or your sandwiches during an ATM trip.

If you place the ATM near gum, beef jerky, and other impulse buys, after they use the machine they may buy some small items before heading back out into public.

Saving Credit Card Fees

Your credit card reader allows you to do more transactions with customers who pay with their cards, but you're likely paying credit card fees for every swipe. A prominently displayed ATM could prompt more people to use the cash machine instead of their cards, which means fewer fees for you; in fact, they will be paying your fees through the ATM.

Accommodating Those Who Prefer Cash

There are some who just prefer using cash for some personal purchases. With an ATM, if they're down to their last few bucks but want more than they initially planned for, they can get more money instead of having to return to the bank or another ATM location. They may get much more food as a result. 

Being More Convenient

Once it's known that your deli has an ATM, the place can be more convenient than visiting a bank if someone needs to make a deposit or withdraw funds. That could make people come to your deli far more than they need to, and you'll get surcharge profits and any incidental purchases they decide to make once they're there.

Your deli can be more popular and profitable when you use an ATM. Discuss business with ATM retailers and commercial neighbors. You can learn more about how these cash machines are beneficial for many companies like yours. For more information, contact a company like MTech Distributors.