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Effectively Removing Graffiti From A Brick Wall

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If you are a business owner and you have a brick wall on your property that has been subjected to graffiti, it is likely you will want to take effective measures in having it removed promptly. There are several different methods you can use in removing graffiti from a masonry surface. Here are some tips you can use to get your brick wall back to a respectable appearance.

Try Washing Away The Material First

It is necessary to try to determine what type of medium was used upon your brick wall before it is removed. In some instances you may find that the person who had altered your wall did so with a washable material such as chalk or a marker. Graffiti left behind will be able to be removed with soap and water by hand if one of these materials were used. If paint was used, turpentine may be useful in removing it from the brickwork, as long as it is applied relatively quickly after the graffiti is noticed. Use a pressure washer in conjunction with a heavy-duty detergent made especially for brick. A few sessions may be necessary to remove the graffiti completely. 

Hire A Sandblasting Service To Remove Material

One way to remove graffiti thoroughly is with the hiring of a service that uses sandblasting equipment, such as Dustless Restoration. A mobile sand blaster will be able to use machinery with high-pressure and water to whisk away wording and pictures from your brick wall with ease. This type of service will have insurance so you are ensured any damage to the wall will be repaired in its entirety without you needing to pay a dime out of your pocket. The end result after the blasting is conducted is a brick wall that may be a bit weathered in appearance from the pressure of the process. A quick coating of sealant however will revitalize the appearance of the wall if desired.

Consider Painting Over The Graffiti

If your brick wall has seen better days, it may be time to give it a complete overhaul with the addition of masonry paint. This can be applied directly over the portions of graffiti, covering them up while giving your wall an entirely new appearance. Consider switching the color to something completely different to give your property a brand new appearance. Another idea is to paint the business' name directly on the wall, using it as an advertising method as a result.