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Basement Flooding Left Mold Behind? 2 Reasons To Leave Mold Remediation To The Professionals

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Any time a basement floods, whether it floods chronically for months or floods just once, a breeding ground for mold can be created. If you were excited to finally get your basement flooding problem under control, only to soon realize that you were left with a mold problem, then you are not alone. Many people experience mold problems in their basements, and that is why there are many mold remediation companies that specialize in helping homeowners get rid of this hazardous mold. 

Are you thinking of performing a mold remediation DIY project? Read on to learn two important reasons why it is best to always leave basement mold problems in the hands of trained professionals. 

1. Mold Spores Gone Airborne Can Harm Your Family's Health

If you are determined to get rid of that mold in your basement quickly, then it is likely due to not only its appearance, but also the fact that it is hazardous to your family's health. However, realize that removing it on your own without taking the proper precautions to protect your family, and the rest of your home, from mold spores that can go airborne during the cleanup process can actually lead to harming your family more than leaving the mold alone. 

Professionals take several steps to keep mold spores from harming their health during removal and the health of the occupants of a home. First, they wear protective gear, including respiratory masks, to keep mold spores from getting onto their skin and entering their airways. 

To protect your family, HEPA filters will be run in the basement during the mold removal process. In addition, any air ducts in the room will be covered to ensure mold spores do not enter your home's heating and cooling ducts and spread throughout your home. As an added precaution, mold remediation specialists also keep mold damp while they are removing it to keep many spores from going airborne in the first place. 

Finally, all mold and mold-contaminated items removed from your basement will be bagged up securely and carefully removed from your home to make sure no mold spores are spread into the rest of your home. 

2. There May Be More Mold in Your Finished Basement than Meets the Eye

If your basement is finished, then you may think that mold is only growing on your carpeting and/or the surfaces of your basemen'ts walls, but the truth is that there may be more mold lurking in your basement than meets the eye. Mold can grow and spread rapidly and it may be present in the wall insulation, wall frames, carpet padding, and/or basement sub-floor. The only way to get rid of a mold problem in a basement and keep it away for good is to remove all mold-contaminated materials. 

This means that portions of your basement walls may have to be removed and replaced, along with portions of your basement's sub-floor. When you hire an experienced mold remediation company, they can remove all mold while keeping your walls and floor as intact as possible. Then, they can repair the walls and floors, so you can finally enjoy a water- and mold-free basement again. 

If you had a basement flooding problem that has now turned into a basement mold problem, then you may be tempted to begin removing the mold yourself, since you know how hazardous mold can be to your family's health. However, it is important to leave mold removal in the hands of an experienced mold remediation company like Colfax Corporation, so you don't accidentally spread the spores throughout your home or put your family's heath in even greater danger.